The Sad State of the Financial Web, in 10 Charts

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Long-term investing can be very simple with the proper discipline and asset allocation in low-cost investment vehicles. The market isn't a rigged game that investors have to maneuver through like a field of land mines. Perhaps the only problem with long-term buy-and-hold investing is that it's boring. And while there are quite a few websites that devote a lot of attention to the values of low-cost buy-and-hold investing for the long run, there's a lot of noise about active trading, timing the market, buying hot stocks, and speculating in gold to wade through. Continue reading →

Top 41 Rick Ferri Quotes

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Rick Ferri has gained a loyal following as a vocal opponent of questionable and unethical antics in the wealth management business and as a champion of index investing. Since having his "aha moment" while reading a Jack Bogle book, he's built a low-fee advisory business, authored several books of his own, and helped to grow the Bogleheads.org community. He's also managed to write regularly on his own site, and his column is one of the few on my "must-read" list.  Continue reading →

The Bogleheads Hall of Fame

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Although cost-conscious investing has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, this approach to wealth management is nothing new. It has been 40 years since Jack Bogle founded Vanguard around principles of low fees, compounding returns, and long-term wealth accumulation. Continue reading →